Jamming with Jason Mefford

Ask Better Questions with Robert Berry

March 30, 2021

In todays episode we're joined with Robert Berry to discuss how to ask better questions. By asking better questions we will end up getting better answers which will allow us to perform better audits. 

From overcoming the fear of looking stupid or the fear of failing, to taking an interest in the people around you, you will be able to communicate better with others and thus ask better questions and advance your career!

To get all of the secrets for how to ask better questions, get better answers, and perform better audits, get a copy of Robert's book at: https://thatauditguy.com/ask-get-perform-book/ reach out to him on LinkedIn or through his website: https://thatauditguy.com/

Listen in at: http://www.jasonmefford.com/jammingwithjason/

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