Jamming with Jason Mefford

The Future of Internal Audit and an Update to Sawyer’s Internal Auditing with Dan Clayton

April 16, 2019

Jason Mefford is joined by Dan Clayton, for a discussion of how internal audit is evolving and changing, driving some of the updates to Sawyer's Internal Auditing, 7th edition.

Information in the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), the Internal Audit textbook, and CIA Review Course materials, provide a basis for how to practice internal auditing, but Sawyer's Internal Auditing (one of the most influential books in the profession) fills in some of the gaps, and shows where internal audit is headed.

Dan Clayton is the Director of Strategy and Knowledge Management for the System Audit Office at The University of Texas System, and was the project leader for the update team to Sawyers Internal Auditing, 7th edition.

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